Ashley Davis Fitness
Designing Healthier Bodies One Program at a Time. 
"Living Healthy is a Lifestyle that I chose to live years ago. Sure, I was introduced to gymnastics, cheerleading and healthy relationships at a young age, but I didn't start making it a lifestyle until all those structures were gone...until I had nothing to start with except for an inner desire to be well. Now I am here for you."    -Ashley M. Davis 
My name is Ashley Davis. I have been naturally destined to the Health and Fitness industry since I was a little girl. I was a gymnast by age 5 and wanted to be a coach by age 7. I had aspirations of becoming a Physical Therapist by age 10 and received my B.S. in Health Science and my Personal Training Certification by age 22. 

Since then, I have integrated my knowledge and experience in a variety of health and fitness settings to develop and implement programs designed to give optimal and healthy results. 

My Philosophy:

The human body is a multidimensional machine that, just like anything in life, needs to be stimulated as such for optimal function. We cannot merely work the muscular system, without involving the Skeletal and Nervous systems to synergize the muscles! On this same token, when we move and work, all our other 7 systems are being recruited. It is of this basis that I have geared my focus toward a multidimensional approach to offer my clients an optimally fit and healthy functioning body. 

-A skyscraper in NYC can only stand as tall and as beautiful as it will, only if it has a sturdy foundation to build on top of. -

  • B.S. Health Science

  • 3 year cheerleading coach, FCPS, FPYC
  • 4 year Personal Trainer
    • Independent
    • 24 Hour Fitness
    • Black Bench Fit

Fitness Styles/Approach:
  • Allignment: Corrective Exercise, Yoga
  • Movement: Pilates, 7 functional Movements
  • Performance: HIIT, Bodybuilding, Body-Toning, Athletic Performance, body-weight 
  • Function: Free Weight, 7 functional movements